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Every day, media sales reps have to handle six very common sales objections

If any of these obstacles sound familiar, you are not alone. Media sales expert, Ryan Dohrn, will share his proven strategies for overcoming these common sales objections, allowing you to move the conversation forward. You won't want miss this FREE video sponsored by The Magazine Manager!

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Learn To Defeat The 6 Most Common Ad Sales Roadblocks

Featuring Ryan Dohrn, Ad Sales Expert & Trainer

  • I am moving my ad dollars to all digital or social media.
  • I am not getting ROI from my ad.
  • I want to run one ad and "test" your media.
  • I have no budget or my budget is all spent for the year.
  • I need to talk to my partner about this.
  • I'm looking for "free press" - write an article about me.
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