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Accomplish More With Less

Running a magazine doesn’t have to be labor-intensive. When 
The Magazine Manager is the engine behind your publication, you can accelerate revenue growth and optimize efficiency.

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Client Relationship Management

Our CRM tool saves time and eliminates errors by connecting sales, production, and billing information into a single, centralized platform.

Digital Studio®

Once you’ve created a flat plan of your magazine,  you can effortlessly  publish your digital edition across multiple mobile devices, browsers and operating systems.

Flexible Ad Order Entry

Discover an easier way to fuel ad revenue! Our ad order entry system equips sales reps to quickly generate proposals and customize orders for advertisers.

Production Management

From the initial ad material submission to final client approval, our platform offers a collaborative environment for tracking every aspect of production.

Accounts Receivable Management

Having sales and production functionality automatically update billing makes it easier to invoice advertisers.

Online Pagination

Creating a virtual map of your magazine provides a snapshot of the final print product and keeps everyone on the same page.

Marketing Manager

Find out who is visiting your website and downloading your media kit. Mirabel's Marketing Manager helps you build your advertiser database and close more sales.

Reporting Suite

Our powerful reporting suite tracks valuable data to help you evaluate performance across sales, billing, production and other departments.

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